Speech Clinic- Dwarka

Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic has its branch clinic in Dwarka, headed by  Ms.Anju Kochhar & Ms.Shivani Arora.

Shivani Arora is the senior Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist with 11 years of experience. Her expertise is Cochlear Implant: candidacy & rehabilitation, Hearing Aids, Speech assessment & therapy for disorders like Misarticulation, stammering, dysarthria, aphasia, voice disorders, ADD, ASD, ADHD. She is also a consultant at Ayushman Hospital, Bhagat Chandra Hospital.
Anju Kochhar is the Senior Communication Specialist with 20 years of experience. She has good skills in cochlear implant therapy, AVT, Auditory Training, Delayed Speech & language, Stammering, ADHD, ASD, etc. She has devoted two decades for hearing impaired outcomes and believes work is worship. She is also a consultant at B.M.Gupta Nursing Home.
At Dwarka clinic, we provide all Hearing & Speech related services
In Audiology:

Pure Tone Audiometry

Otoacoustic Emissions

Impedance Audiometry/Tympanometry

Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA/ABR)

Auditory Steady State Responses (ASSR)

Hearing Aid selection & Counseling

Hearing Aid Trail & dispensing

Cochlear implant candidacy, selection & counseling

Cochlear implant mapping, NRT

Cochlear implant & hearing aids spare parts

In Speech & Language:

Assessment & management of all disorders for all age group like

Delayed speech & language

Autism Spectrum Disorder




Cleft lip & palate



Voice disorders

Auditory Verbal Therapy(Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant)


Special Education

Occupational Therapy

Adaptive Behavior Analysis(ABA)

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