Stammering is Curable, A real life story of CA Manoj from Haryana

stammering treatment in delhi at asha clinic

Stammering or Stuttering is Curable. The treatments are real simple if performed under guidance of experience Speech Therapists.

Manoj came to Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic and shared his problem, which was excessive stammering. You can see this in video.

Manoj belongs from Haryana, and works in a big firm in Delhi as Chartered Accountant, CA and has been staying in delhi for last 7 years.

He came to Asha Speech and Hearing Clinic, rated as one of the best Clinic for Speech and Hearing Treatment in India.

After completion of 3 sessions, we saw a tremendous improvement in his speech. In this Video he shares his story about his life and family.

Must watch till end and show respect to this guy and motivate him to do most wonderful things in his life.

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