Cochlear Implants for Adults (CLs)

Cochlear Implants for Adults and ENT Disorders Treatment

The Cochlear Implant Program has been in existence since 2001 with more than 1000 patients receiving cochlear implants from our center.

The Adult Cochlear Implant Team at Asha Speech and Hearing Clinic includes both highly skilled audioloigists and speech language pathologists to provide patients with an innovative and individualized approach to cochlear implantation. Our full-time, dedicated team cares about the success of each patient.

We are one of only a few centers in the country that provide each patient with an individually-tailored auditory rehabilitation. We combine auditory rehabilitation with careful adjustments of the speech processor to optimize speech understanding and sound quality for everyday listening situations.

This comprehensive, 12-16 week, post-operative hearing therapy program gives our patients the skills and support they need to successfully benefit from cochlear implantation

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