What is language therapy ?

How does language therapy work?

Do and Don't Do Tips

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• Do drink plenty of water. • Don't drink or eat caffeine products, chocolate, milk products, nuts or popcorn before performing, don't smoke or drink alcohol excessively.

• Do swallow slowly. • Don't eat just prior to performing (3hours).

• Do relax your throat, by doing abdominal breathing. • Don't clear your throat or cough habitually.

• Do vocal warm-ups prior to speaking, lecturing or singing and use vocal exercises afterward to bring voice back to a relaxed state. • Don't speak, sing or lecture without warming up and don't just stop at the end of a performance without cool down exercises.

• Do allow the breath to replace itself naturally. • Don't raise shoulders or tighten neck and throat while breathing.

• Do be aware and allow natural expansion/release in lower torso abdomen, back and sides during the breathing cycle. • Don't hold your breath or squeeze or push the voice out.

• Do speak slowly, pausing often at natural boundaries to allow the breath to be replaced before continuing. • Don't speak beyond a natural breath cycle or squeeze out the last few words of a thought without sufficient breath.

• Do wait until your breathing pattern can accommodate optimal voice production. • Don't yell or speak extensively during strenuous exercise.

• Do be aware of the effects of emotions have on you, especially if it causes muscle tension in your neck, throat, jaw or chest. • Don't do prolonged, loud and vocally aggressive laughing or crying.

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