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Stammering is also known as speech disorder. When it becomes a serious disorder it causes serious communication disorder. There are stoppages and disruptions which interrupt the smooth flow and timing of the speech.

Stammering Treatment Tips:

Providing a relaxed home environment that allows many opportunities for your child to speak. This includes making time to talk to each another, especially when your child is excited and has a lot to say.

Not reacting negatively when the child stammers. Give any corrections in a gentle way and give praise when your child speaks without a stammer.

Parental involvement which involves the rest of the family helping the child to speak slowly, praising the child when they don't stammer and occasionally correcting when the child speaks with a stammer.

Stuttering modification, which helps by reducing the fear of stammering and improves confidence.

Psychological therapies, which can be used for adults and those with acquired stammering. These therapies don't treat the stammer. The treatment is designed to reduce stress and anxiety, which make the stammer worse.

Feedback devices, which can help by changing the way the voice is heard. Electronic devices can help people control their speech by giving them sound feedback. These devices change the way the person speaks, such as slowing down the speed of speaking. The device may make the person speak more slowly to keep the speech they hear through the device sounding clear.

Speaking in a slightly slow and relaxed way.

Listening carefully when your child speaks and waiting for them to say the intended word. Don't try to complete the sentences for them.

Helping your child to be confident that they can communicate successfully even when they stammer.

Providing consistent feedback to your child about their speech in a friendly, non-judgemental and supportive way.

Talking openly about stammering if your child wants to talk about it.

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