Aided Audiogram thresholds may be provided on an audiogram as a means of confirming the audibility of test sounds at different frequencies.


1)Thank you so much for your kindness. Special gratitude goes out. I always feel you treat me as a friend. Your special way does not go unnoticed.

Shekhar Gupta

2)Thank you for all you have done for me, for your determination and your knowledge. The aids are working just fine and I love them. You have done a wonderful job with a hearing problem as bad as mine.

Kamal Verma

3)I have worn different hearing aids for many years but none can compare to what i am experiencing now. I just want to shout to the rooftops, 'I can hear'.

Khushi Mishra

4)I wanted to tell you that meeting with you a little over a year ago at your hearing center was one of the best decisions I made in my life!

Suresh Bastian

5)Long time Desire of ours was fulfilled when Mansi started listening to her name as soon as she was implanted at the age of 9 years six months back i.e. on 15th April, 2014 being aware also we had to wait long time for her Cochlear implant but it came as a boon still at this age after continuous use of bestest hearing aid. Now after six months of her continuous speech therapy she is listening to almost all sounds when the tick tock of clock and chirping of birds ..... Almost like a normal human being. But as listening turns normal but had to go a long way for the clarity of her speech. She has started speaking but the articulation will take time to come to normal speech. Thanks to Mrs. Asha Agarwal who is providing all the good work and the dedicated staff who is guiding the parents for best of their children genuine thanks to Mrs. Asha and her team for providing sincere concern.

Shikha Jain (Mother)

6)This is to inform you that myself Anupam SRivastava and my wife Maitri SRivastava are very much satisfied by the day to day progress in the routine life activities of our son master Aditya SRivastava, following his bilateral choclear implantation. Aditya is going to a pre-primary school and his teachers have no complain from him as he always maintain a good grade in his class. Aditya is learning communication in two languages ie English and French , and as per his teachers he is capable of expressing himself in both of them. At home we speak to him in English and some times in Hindi which he understands a little. Aditya likes to watch English/French cartoons. He plays in the evening with his friends with no complains. Recently Aditya has participated in annual function of his school where he participated in group dance and group songs also. We are very thankful to Nucleus for endeavouring such a user friendly and precise machine for these deprived kids like Aditya . Furthermore to add, we have no words to express our gratitude to Dr Asha and her highly professional team. May god bless you all so as to shape the life of many more such needy special kids.

Aditya Shrivastava, D.O.B. - 16th April 2010, Implant Date: 28th Nov 2011

7)Sanchit was near 4 year old when we decided for his Cochlear implant. Previous to cochlear implant he was using hearing aid and after 11 years of implant we can proudly say that it was a right decision. Sanchit is doing good in his academics and we can vouch the cochlera implant is life changing device for all such children whi suffer from this deficiency.

Sanchit Goyal, DOB: 08-12-1998, Switch on Date: 06-12-2002

8)Sumant was unable to hear or talk from birth. Then I met Dr. Asha Agarwal and got his ear and throat tested. Then I found out that Sumant is hearing and speech deficient. I was assured that if I get Cochlear Implant surgery done then my child Sumant will be able to speak and hear like any other normal child. Then I gathered some courage, arranged for the funds and got the surgery done with the help of Dr. Asha Agarwal and Dr. Shalabh Sharma. Then Anju Ma’am got the speech therapy done. Thanks to Dr. Asha Agarwal and her team, today my child can hear and speak like any other normal child.

Sumant Thakur, D.O.B. - 26th May 2010, Implant Date: 23rd March 2012

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