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Breaking the annoying silence

Asha Agarwal

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Diagnosis and treatment of Speech,
language and communication
disorders in infants, children and adults

Best Speech Therapy Clinic in Delhi

Pioneer in Cochlear Implant program since 2001

Cochlear Implant
Program in Delhi

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Electrophysiological Evaluation
BERA(Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry)
For detection of Hearing loss

Hearing Loss Evaluation (BERA)

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Get the latest Hearing aids of Leading
international brands from one of the
trusted hearing clinics in Delhi.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Leading surgeons and experts from the city -
Dr Shalabh Sharma (ENT Consultant Surgeon, SGRH),
and Asha Agarwal (Cochlear implant consultant)
joined him to talk about hearing related issues here.

Brett Lee urges Govt to Mandate
Universal Newborn Hearing Screening

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Years Of Experience in Treating Speech & Hearing Disorders
Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic

Best Speech Therapy & Hearing Clinic in India.

One of the Best & Most Trusted Speech Therapy & Hearing Clinic

More than 47+ years of excellence, dedication, and true professionalism!! The services offered by us are incomparable to any other service provider in the fields.
A clinic where patient’s listening needs are understood and given personalized attention by experienced and expert team ASHA. Clinic offers early detection and early intervention of speech and hearing disorders and latest hearing aid and cochlear implant technology.
Way back in 1996 ASHA clinic was established by  Asha Agarwal with the MISSION “Give joy of Hearing and speaking by breaking barriers of Silence

Asha Agarwal

Chief Audiologist & Director,
Asha Speech and Hearing Clinics


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Committed to Give Joy of

Hearing and speaking by breaking barriers of Silence

Get Consultation from Asha Agarwal, Renowned audiologist and speech therapist with an experience of over 40 years in the field of Speech Therapy, Hearing test, Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid

Solving Hearing Problems all over the world

easily accessible material
for children who are implanted
under the age of 5 years

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