Cochlear Implant Benefits

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Benefits of Cochlear Implants

Benefits of cochlear implants may range from improved sound awareness to hearing and understanding speech in noise and also can vary from individual to individual. Here we require a surgeon and an audiologist who can recommend patients cochlear implants after going through certain facts like length of hearing loss, motivation and degree of rehabilitation and it varies person to person.

For most good candidates, the benefits are significant.

Your surgeon and audiologist can discuss what would be reasonable expectations for performance for you or your child as the level of performance depends on certain variables including length of hearing loss, motivation and available rehabilitative services among others.

Cochlear Implants benefits in other places as follows:

  • Sound awareness
  • Hearing everyday sounds
  • Improved lip reading
  • Hearing and understanding speech
  • Improving the user’s own speech
  • Listening in background noise
  • Using a telephone

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