BAHA Hearing Aids

Bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) cost in delhi

bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) transmits sound directly to the cochlear by vibrating the mastoid bone. A minor operation is needed to fix a screw to the skull, on which the hearing aid can be clipped on and off.

A BAHA is worn during the day and removed at night.

Unlike a bone conduction hearing aid it is not uncomfortable to wear and it is used for patients with conductive hearing loss, or in some patients who have no hearing in one of their ears. Because they are expensive than a conventional hearing aids, they are primarily suggested to those people who have mixed hearing losses or problem like conductive hearing losses and unilateral hearing loss. Also recommended to people suffering from single-sided deafness. People with mixed hearing losses who cannot otherwise wear ‘in the ear‘ or ‘behind the ear‘ can also prefer BAHA.

In short definition of A bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) or bone-anchored hearing device, is a type of hearing aid based on bone conduction.

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