Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic, Specialist in BERA Test.

Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic, Specialist in BERA Test.

Children between the ages of one and three years old undergo the Brain Evoked Response Auditory (BERA) hearing test. At Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic, we constantly advocate the requirement to test children hearing even with the least suspicion by the parent or doctor of hearing loss because any hearing loss can cause speech, language, cognitive, social and emotional issues.Because of this, it is best to do a hearing test on children as soon as possible. At Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic, we are experts in this field, using cutting-edge equipment and a trained staff.

When the auditory nerve can send sound impulses from the ear to the brain at a specific rate, hearing is considered to be healthy. The BERA test can tell you whether your nerves send sound impulses to your brain and whether their speed is within normal bounds.

BERA is a very easy procedure that doesn’t require the child to do anything. You must first understand that the technique we will perform is unquestionably not a radiological procedure and won’t hurt your youngster. No cut operation is performed. This inspection can be carried out when a youngster is awake or asleep. A tiny probe is inserted into the baby’s outer ear canal to send a specific sound to the inner ear while it is sleeping normally. The reaction of the inner ear’s outer hair cells to the sound is then measured. The baby is not harmed or hurt during this process. It is a quick and easy measurement that takes a little while. Hearing is examined objectively; the baby does not need any participation. Every infant who has been born for at least six hours can undergo a hearing test. The patient will wear headphones to listen to various sounds after the examination is finished. This investigation evaluates variations in sonic stimulus-induced changes in brain electrical activity (EEG). Abnormalities that occur in the transmission of signals when the sound is heard indicates hearing loss. The exam’s best feature is that there is no chance of complications, it is painless, and there is no need for particular BERA test preparation.

Why should we have our baby’s hearing scanned? is a common question we get from parents. To address their inquiry, normal hearing is the first prerequisite for normal speech development. For a child to be able to communicate and develop their skills through games, hearing and speaking are fundamental needs. Young children begin hearing and listening as soon as they are born. As they learn to speak, they imitate the sounds they hear in their environment. According to studies, 2 to 3 healthy new-borns out of every 1000 are born with hearing loss. The child’s cognitive, mental, social, and physical development is negatively impacted by hearing loss. Early diagnosis of hearing loss is critical to speech development, quality of life, and academic success. Deaf children that receive early diagnosis also exhibit normal or nearly normal speech and language development. In order to determine whether a new-born baby is at risk for hearing loss, we at Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic advise that every new-born be given a hearing screening test within the first month, preferably before being released from the hospital. The BERA test is extremely helpful for determining the hearing status in young children because it can automatically determine the patient’s hearing threshold, or how much the patient is hearing. It is commonly done with a click sound by which the subject’s average hearing threshold across all frequencies is evaluated. The BERA test is also done to identify the site of lesion i.e., the anatomical region in the brain where there is a damage in the auditory pathway inside the brain in patients suffering from vertigo / deafness / tinnitus. In Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic , in addition to click evoked BERA, there are provisions of carrying out Tone Evoked BERA i.e., BERA test with pure tone sounds to objectively evaluate hearing thresholds at different frequencies and also Bone Conduction BERA. CHIRP BERA which is a very sophisticated form of BERA test is also possible in Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic.

Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic is a pioneer of conducting BERA test and also one of the first Clinics among the private hospitals performing BERA test in Delhi NCR.


The advantages of the BERA (Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry) test include early diagnosis of hearing impairment, identification of causes of hearing impairment. We at Asha Speech & Hearing Clinic understand that every parent wants the best of their child. If we look at current scenario of illness spread, it becomes all the more important for any parent to ensure, that their child is well taken care of. It is not only health that we are talking about, it their safe future and a comfortable adjustment in the society.