Cochlear Osia Hearing Implant : Success Story

Cochlear Osia Hearing Implant : Success Story

Patient who has been connected to Asha clinic since past 10-15 years who had a history of Chronic Suppurative otitis media with Cholesteatoma in both ears since childhood. Worldwide there is prevalence of 3,61,78,000 cases of CSOM in which 50% of cases present with hearing loss but often left untreated.

This patient has had multiple middle ear surgeries to resolve the conductive component. Over the time it was seen the patient had progressive hearing loss with Sensorineural component.

He has been using hearing aid since years but was not benefiting adequately. Right ear had better responses with hearing aids.

Patient was given multiple trials with Bone conduction hearing aids and was found he had good benefit with them as compared to conventional hearing aids. But patient was always feeling hesitant of going ahead with BAHA

After the launch of Cochlear’s OSIA Bone conduction implant the patient was very keen towards the new technology and its aesthetics. Finally with thorough team counselling with Asha clinic and Sir Ganga ram hospital Surgical team, the patient decided to go ahead with OSIA implantation. After years of struggle with hearing, the patient’s family was so much satisfied by the quality of sound through OSIA and the ease of usage. Now the patient does not rely on Conventional Hearing aids and lip reading and is leading a hassle-free normal lifestyle. The constant touch and long-term association of patient with the clinic, it helps to closely understand the needs and lifestyle of the patient which makes us to choose and suggest the best possible outcomes and technology.