Ear and Hearing Care for All!

Ear and Hearing Care for All!

Let’s Make It A Reality.

Every year, March 3 is marked as World Hearing Day. This day is designated as the global event to promote ear and hearing care, raise awareness of hearing loss, and urge actions to address hearing loss and related issues. It focuses on activities carried out by the World Health Organization and its partners. Every year, the theme of World Hearing Day is differently assigned; this year’s theme focuses on “Ear and Hearing Care for All! Let’s make it a reality.

In 2023, World Hearing Day will highlight the significance of ear and hearing care being integrated into primary care as a crucial element of universal health coverage.

Key Messages from World Hearing Day by WHO

  • Ear and hearing problems are one of the most prevalent issues in the community.
  • A primary level of hearing care can identify and treat more than 60% of these hearing problems.
  • Training and capacity building at this level can help integrate ear and hearing care into the primary level.
  • People with hearing problems will benefit from such integration, which will help countries achieve the aim of universal health coverage.

On this World Hearing Day, Asha Speech and Hearing Clinic conducted the 14th annual cochlear implant program, which was inaugurated by chairman of SGRH Dr. Ajay Swaroop.

The program’s highlights were to sensitise paediatricians about newborn hearing screening by Dr. Pankaj Garg. Senior audiologist Mrs. Asha Agarwal illustrated the importance of early detection of hearing loss. The program’s interactive session of Cochlear Implant recipients with senior consultants was one of the key highlights.

Asha Speech and Hearing Clinic focuses on hearing problems that should not be ignored for healthy hearing. The professional audiologists of Asha Speech Hearing Clinic provided the hearing tips to keep ears and hearing healthy.

A hearing awareness camp was organised in support of Widex to educate people about hearing loss, its causes, and prevention. The experts illustrated the Dos and Don’ts of healthy hearing.