Our Speech Therapy Classes

Our Speech therapy classes concentrates mainly on the following areas:

Our therapists focus on child’s comfort. The first goal of therapy is to build up rapport & to be friendly with the child and give the children or adults a comfortable environment.

Every therapy is different accordingly the goals are different for various disorders as the needs and symptoms are different with each case. On the basis of assessment, the therapy goals are set for one to three months and therapists in advance plan the activities for each sessions. They are prepared with material, toys before starting the sessions. We do progress evaluation every three months to monitor the progress. We provide individual therapy as every child is different and their problems and severity are different, so we take individual sessions and parents are involved in therapy sessions. CCTV cameras are installed in the therapy room.

Delayed Speech & Language development: Our goal is to develop age appropriate language. We emphasis on receptive language and expressive language. The goals are to develop vocabulary, verbs (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatic/social aspects of communication) including comprehension and expression in oral, written, graphic, and manual modalities; language processing; preliteracy and language-based literacy skills.

In Speech disorders (phonation, articulation, fluency, resonance, and voice including aeromechanical components of respiration) are checked and individual therapy plans are taken in each session. For eg. Articulation therapy for articulation disorders, fluency therapy for fluency disorders like stammering & cluttering, voice therapy for resonance disorders. Also, focusing on overall confidence gaining.

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